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Cathy Whitlock

Cathy Whitlock


I started detailing cars for Brett’s Father when I was 14 years old….ugh, he would sit on a chair and watch me and correct me as I worked until I got it down…. I am now an expert at detail!

My education includes BYU Hawaii and NWC in Powell.  My emphasis was on interior design.  I have attended many seminars with Brett also.

I have raised 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls, and currently have 3 adorable grandchildren.

I worked along side of Brett a little in Powell, but mostly when we opened Whitlock Motors in Cody in 1996.  I kept books, detailed cars, shuttled cars, answered phones, cleaned the office and even sold a few cars to folks Brett couldn’t sell too…haha.

We currently reside at 2825 Big Horn Avenue with our new building bursting with quality service, sales and now have added RV sales and service.

My current function is decorating, feeling the atmosphere of our little store and interviewing new hires, organizing our special events with our emphasis on our Christmas celebration for the kids along with our staff…mainly the “girls”. I also help Brett conduct our company meetings or “the state of Whitlock Motors”.